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Little Rock’s Guide to Ballycastle: Uncover the Local Gems You Can’t Miss

12th November 2023
Aerial view of Ballycastle, Northern Ireland as shot by a drone

Welcome to Ballycastle, a charming town nestled on the stunning North Antrim Coast of Northern Ireland. As the proud purveyors of Irish and traditional gifts, Little Rock of Ireland invites you on a journey through the local gems that make Ballycastle truly unforgettable.

1. Kinbane Castle: A Ruin with a View

Our first stop takes us to the captivating ruins of Kinbane Castle. Perched on a limestone headland, this medieval marvel offers breathtaking views of Rathlin Island and beyond. Explore the historic remnants, soak in the coastal scenery, and perhaps find inspiration for a unique pebble art creation at Little Rock.

Interested in capturing the essence of Kinbane Castle at home? Check out our Pebble Art collection for a piece that echoes the rugged beauty of this coastal fortress.

A view of Kinbane castle looking back from the headland

2. Ballycastle Beach: Where Tranquility Meets the Sea

No visit to Ballycastle is complete without a stroll along its pristine sandy shores. Ballycastle Beach invites you to unwind, listen to the soothing waves, and breathe in the fresh sea air. Consider taking a piece of this tranquility home with our Sea Glass Jewellery, each piece handcrafted to embody the spirit of the Irish coast.

Want a tangible reminder of Ballycastle Beach? Explore our Sea Glass Jewellery collection for a wearable piece of the Northern Irish coastline.

Sunset over Pan's Rock Bridge on Ballycastle beach

3. Fairhead: Majestic Cliffs and Adventure Awaits

For the adventurous at heart, Fairhead beckons with its dramatic cliffs and panoramic views. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a casual wanderer, the rugged beauty of Fairhead will leave an indelible mark. Embrace the spirit of exploration with our General Gifts that capture the essence of Northern Ireland’s wild landscapes.

Feel inspired by Fairhead’s majesty? Browse our General Gifts for unique decor that brings a touch of the outdoors inside.

A view of Fair Head shot from Ballycastle Beach

4. O’Connor’s Traditional Pub: A Toast to Ballycastle

Wrap up your Ballycastle adventure with a visit to O’Connor’s, a quintessential Irish pub steeped in tradition. Enjoy a pint of the finest brews and savor the warmth of local hospitality. Take a piece of that Irish pub charm home with our Bar Decor collection.

Want to recreate the cozy feel of O’Connor’s in your own space? Explore our Bar Decor for authentic Irish pub-inspired items.

The green and yellow exterior of the entrance to O'Connors Bar

Your Ballycastle Experience Awaits

Ballycastle unfolds its wonders to those willing to explore. Let Little Rock of Ireland be your guide to discovering the local gems that make this Northern Irish town truly special. Whether it’s the historic ruins, the tranquil beaches, or the majestic cliffs, each experience is a chapter waiting to be written in your Ballycastle journey.

Ready to infuse your home with the spirit of Ballycastle? Explore our Irish Craft Gifts and bring a piece of Northern Ireland into your life.


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